Perfect Stability, Mellow Tone
No Distortion or Deformation
Superb stability that is unaffected by mobility
An All-carbon One-piece Body
Traditional wood is prone to deformation in environments with substantial temperature and humidity changes,leading to poor sound quality and higher maintenance and repair expenses.
-20°CLow Temperature
80°CHigh Temperature
The integrated carbon neck of the RISING-G PRO is 70% more stable than that of the wooden neck. The entire guitar can maintain stability in an atmosphere with extreme temperature ranges of 80° to -20° without suffering harm, saving the inconvenience of setting up the guitar  frequently.
T800 All-carbon Fiber Material Panel
Out of all the carbon fiber materials currently on the market, the new material chosen by RISING-G PRO has the acoustic test findings that are most similar to those of a premium acoustic guitar.
A complete all-carbon fiber panel can release energy more readily when vibrating when compared to traditional acoustic guitars. The sound is rich and layered because it vibrates powerfully and lasts for a long time.
Discover Surprises with Technology
Traditional guitars were originally fragile and prone to irreversible damage, but we found inspiration in the use of automotive materials-new vehicles with carbon fiber materials have excellent stabilization and speed performance, and are not easily affected by the environment. After a large number of experimental comparisons, we finally selected carbon fiber materials that can perfectly match the acoustic performance of the guitar, creating a new acoustic solution for Rising-G Pro that not only obtains super stability, but also surprise feedback for timbre improvement.
Exclusive DO Bucket Ensures the Coexistence of Resonance and Timbre Layers
Carbon fiber material is born with a low frequency weakness. To compensate for material shortcomings, the Donner industrial design team created an exclusive Donner DO barrel body to ensure the quality and structure of the guitar tone. The RISING-G PRO has a strong reverb resonance in addition to the light body, making the tonal qualities rich and full.
Parametric sound hole design
Based on the panel size and sound conduction angle, we designed a new sound hole shape and size so, that the sound can be transmitted to the human ear at the best distance after resonance in the body, reducing tonality loss and ensuring the sound is accurate.
Thousands of Adjustments Were Made to Create a NewSound Beam Structure
After thousands of tests, we designed a brand-new A-shaped bracing with a better thickness-to-bracing structure ratio to make the vibration transmission between strings and body smoother, ensuring that each frequency band of sound is balanced and strong, and perfectly answering conservatives' concerns about non-traditional wood instruments - even new material instruments can have a perfect "authentic feel".
HPL Fretboard
The HPL fingerboard benefits from the material's high density and stability, which significantly improves many frets issues such as low string action, fret buzz and deformation, allowing the fingerboard to maintain a good state for a long time and avoid the time-consuming process of frequent adjustment.
Rounded Fret
RISING-G PRO employs cupronickel rounded frets to increase playing comfort, prevent being cut by conventional frets, and boost performance.
4 Color Options
These striking colors will undoubtedly energize your music. Fingerprints are kept at bay by the exquisite paint treatment process. Daily maintenance is simple enough that there will be no more excuse about not having time to care for it!

Cloud white

High-quality Accessories
The RISING- G PRO comes with Elixir coated strings that prevent rust for half a year even if you practice the guitar daily. On the outside, it has a thickened piano bag for extra protection. Everything is done to ensure that RISING-G PRO is stable from the inside out.
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