Workhorse for Influences
Professional Quality Assurance
Our strict quality control makes sure that every microphone performs to our exacting standards and meets your needs.You’ll be ready to handle any recording job with this microphone.
Time to Show Your Charming Voice
Powerful Low-Cut Function to Reduce Noise
The PO-8 has been designed to bring out the most attractive parts of the human voice, perfect for any radio show. We have improved and boosted the 200Hz band to make voices warmer and more magnetic, and also enhanced the 4.5kHz range where the high-frequency air is located to make voices sound sexier and smoother.
Sound Like a Professional
Get rid of handling noise and overly boomy voices brought about by the proximity effect with the PO-8's low cut switch with a 6dB per octave slope at 80Hz. This will tighten up your low end and clean up your signal.
Wide Polar Pattern and Range
With its nearly subcardioid polar pattern (somewhere between cardioid and omni), excellent dynamic range, high output, and tuning perfect for broadcast voice work, The PO-8 is the perfect microphone for your podcast or even recording instruments.
Beautiful and Lasting Construction
The main body is made from a zinc alloy, and is coupled with a silver anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant frosted coating. The PO-8 is elegant and pleasing to work with.
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