Born for Crisp and Chimey Tone
Eye-Catching Classic Model
Classical S-Style Shape
Best choice for player who need to recording & show on stage, the Donner DST-400 comes with the most classic electric guitar model which fits massive music styles from pop to rock.
Top Quality Alder Body
The DST-400 features a wonderful alder body which provides rich balanced tone and lighter weight, suitable for the performance which is full of tension.
Dark Green Glossy Paint Finish
The deep dark green makes it attractive. Carrying it on and make you shine, ready to become a professional guitarist!
Born for Crisp and Chimey Tone
2-Point Tremolo with Cold-rolled Steel Block
2-point tremolo with cold-rolled steel tone block gives you expressive playing options and extra sustain.
Donner Coil Split System
PUSH-PULL tone knob yields a convincing single-coil effect, give you classic S-Style sparkle with unbelievable clarity, unlocking single-coil tones without any volume loss.
H-S-S Pickups
Donner special HSS Pickups for the performing musician, two single-coil pickups, humbucking Bridge Pickup with coil-split system is ideal for powerful solos and lead lines.
Vintage Style Tuning
Vintage style tuning machines with a 18:1 gear ratio, the tuning machines have smooth action and make it easier to fine-tune your guitar.
Born for Crisp and Chimey Tone
Donner Seeker Series
The Donner Seeker series is the ultimate guitar for advanced players. The high-quality pickups and materials are Donner’s ongoing efforts to create that perfect sound, allowing you to break through the bottleneck of creation and explore new musical horizons.
Born for Crisp and Chimey Tone
Donner Standard Series
The Donner Standard series wants to open up a whole new experience for beginners and students by providing them with exquisite materials and craftsmanship, so they can focus on playing music and not get bored in the state of learning.
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