Illuminate The Moment!
First Customizable Color Electronic Drum Set
Customer's Choose the unique look of their set
Touch Screen
Intuitive Workflow.
Simplicity Unleashed
lnnovative Cable Management and lnternal Rack Wiring
2023 if&redot design award
Intelligent Light Control Cymbal
Intelligent Light Control Drumpad
Minimalistic and Tech-Inspired E-Rack.
15 min Simplicity Unleashed:
Effortless Installation, Instant Enjoyment.
10"x3" Mesh Pad Snare Dual-zone w/LED
8"x3" Mesh Pad Tom1 Dual-zone w/LED
8"x3" Mesh Pad Tom2 Dual-zone w/LED
10"x3" Mesh Pad Floor Tom Dual-zone w/LED
10"Hihat Dual-zone w/Choke & LED
12"Crash/Ride Dual-zone w/Choke & LED
8" Kick Tower
Internal Rack wiring
Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set
• Solid Kick pad (Supports Double Pedal)
• 4 Dual-Zone Mesh drum pads
• 3 Dual-Zone Cymbals (with Choke)
7"inch Touch Screen
Intuitive Workflow
Drum Sound
Demo Song
Drum Kits
(50 Default 50 User)
Drum Technique
Mesh Pad SnareDual-zone w/LED
Designed to accommodate multi-velocity mesh drumheads, subjected to millions of strike tests, showcasing superior durability.
Dual-zone cymbals withw/choke and LED
All cymbals feature strike areas on both the bow and edge, while the Hi-hat offers nuanced tones such as splash and half-open, providing additional details to enhance your performance.
All New
Samples With Vst Quality
Full Mixing Tools
3-Band EQ, Tuning, and Mufflingon all instruments.
Effects Groups
Compressor, Filter, Reverb, Delay on
5 individual channels or the master channel.
Multi-channel USB Audio
Full DAW integration. Individual AudioChannels USB MIDI. Best in class feature set!
Full mixing tools and Effects groups
3-band EQ, tuning, and muffling on all instruments and Effects Groups. Make individual sound adjustments to each drum pad, incorporating features such as Compressor, Filter, Reverb, Delay, and more. This enables a broader range of sound customization and enhances playability.
The exclusive BackBeat App
The app offers a variety of auxiliary functions, including a rich song library for practice, and the LED drum pad linked to the app will help you gradually improve your drumming skills.
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